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The Community Health Program meets the urgent needs of our community-members by increasing access to preventative health services and enhancing the knowledge and awareness of health issues. All services are open to any community member in need. We provide clinical breast exams, health screenings, pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables, and consultations with medical providers. In addition, we provide evidence-based sex education to teens at or above the age of 15, and also serve community members with immediate basic needs.

  • Breast Health Education
  • Clinical breast Exams/Mammogram referrals
  • Mother/Daughter workshops
  • Evidence Based Sex Education
  • Basic Needs
  • Nutrition and Fitness
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Onsite free counseling (group or individual)

To learn more about our community health program or to schedule an event with us, please contact our Program Coordinator Carolyn Welker at: carolyn@mswomenscenter.org or at (210) 908-9772.


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