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Restorative Justice is rooted in our interconnection as people. It is a way of being that recognizes that the way we each live, move, and show up in the world affects one another. Our action and inaction, our words and choices, our apathy and our activity impact others. As a result, when harm is done, accountability and responsibility are rooted in the feelings and needs of all involved. It is a process that fosters healing and wholeness within the context of community.

No one knows everything; together we know a lot

Circles are a powerful symbol of community, inclusion, equity, and wholeness. Join us to learn restorative practices, to heal, and to learn form one another.

Respectfully listening to others is a great way to build knowledge. Already, we share and learn from one another informally over meals, with coworkers around the watercooler, with our friends over coffee, or with social media groups online. Through circles, we can discover optimism through challenge and the joy of possibilities that are not always obvious to us. We recognize that many experiences can be true at the same time as we each interpret them based upon our unique pasts and desires for the future. 

The circle is a space to explore our uniqueness and also what we have in common. We can discover new perceptions as they emerge and what is possible because of our connections.

Circles have been used for thousands of years in many cultures, and are rooted in the practices of indigenous peoples. 

Drawing on diverse knowledge and experiences while creating options and possibilities that go beyond what one person alone can reach, we will experience the world from more perspectives than our own.

The Martinez Street Women’s Center invites you to our virtual monthly community circle, held the first Wednesday of each month from 6-8 p.m.
If you would like to participate, register here.

In order to ensure a safer space, we’ll limit our capacity to 20 people. If you are among the first 20 registrants, we’ll send you a meeting invite 12-24 hours before the circle begins. For those who register later, we’ll keep you posted re: upcoming circles.

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