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We’re launching our CenterStars program!

Today, we couldn’t be more excited to start the MSWC CenterStars Program! CenterStars are our personal heroes: individuals who donate monthly to our Center and our programs. CenterStars can live anywhere in the world and give any amount that’s significant to them, as long as it’s a monthly donation through our online system. This group is imperative to our success — their support keeps us grassroots, serving the local community, and gives us stable support that we can rely on each month.

For the next week, we’re running a competition between two teams of staff and Board members at the Center: the Ruby Giraffes and the Golden Bees. Each team has its own fundraising page and its own strategy to win. Our goal is to raise $500/month this week through the two teams. The Golden Bees describe themselves as fearless and determined, while the Ruby Giraffes say their team is known for their genuine and kind nature. The winning team will receive a special prize and have unlimited bragging rights for the year.

The Ultimate Showdown

You can check out each team’s page by clicking on their names above, and then make a decision on which team you’d like to support. In the end, all of the new CenterStars will be in the same program. Our competition ends on Monday, March 27th, so be sure to sign up soon! 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me personally or to give our Center a call. Thanks, as always, for for your support and love!

With appreciation,
Hannah Beck
Director of Development

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